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Mission Statement

Originally, the purpose of the W.I.T.T.S Training Academy was to provide collegiate and professional basketball players with the necessary support and training methods to optimize their fitness levels and improve upon their skills. We pride ourselves on having created a training system that challenges players to maximize their abilities through comprehensive basketball-specific strength, flexibility, movement, agility, and speed training, while seamlessly integrating on-court basketball skill instruction. In the last few years, W.I.T.T.S has expanded upon these same concepts and reconfigured our training system, directing it specifically at youth players of all ages.

We know that you can play basketball anywhere, whenever the opportunity arises, under anyone's supervision. Very few of you however, are truly learning the science of the game, how to execute what you've learned, and most importantly, how to properly train in order to excel. At the W.I.T.T.S Training Academy, youth and young adult athletes will be able to train and practice like the professionals; learning skills and techniques that the average basketball player will never have the chance to.

The W.I.T.T.S training program teaches not only the physical and athletic skills to perform at the most competitive levels, but also the mental strength and focus required to succeed at those levels. Coupled with lessons in nutrition and the positive lifestyle habits necessary to excel and sustain ones maximum performance; we strive to create well-rounded athletes and young adults. Everyday, we will emphasize the concepts of unwavering work ethic, skill development, mental preparation and life skills; to be successful as an athlete you must be multifaceted as a person.

As a result of your time spent at the W.I.T.T.S Training Academy, you will posses and exhibit a wide range of ability and basketball savvy, setting you apart from your peers. Ultimately, our goal is to help athletes realize their full potential while developing them into the most disciplined and well-trained basketball players in the country.



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